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township & bement grain

Adrianna Ault
Tim Carpenter
Raymond Meeks
Brad Zellar
A careful deliberation on transience and the ultimate meaning of a way of life in the Midwest.

Standard Edition available here.

Signed by Adrianna Ault, Raymond Meeks & Tim Carpenter Paris 2021.

township is also available as an individual title.

In township, the photographs of Raymond Meeks, Adrianna Ault, and Tim Carpenter consider the measure of a life, and of lives lived over time. Barren midwestern winter landscapes set the scene for a farm auction, in which the accumulated land and implements of many generations are valued and dispersed. But not disregarded: the community at large will carry on, tilling the same earth with the same tools. An ending becomes a beginning, as it must. Brad Zellar contributes the story “My brother” to this TIS books publication.