Carl Wooley
J Carrier
Nelson Chan
Tim Carpenter

In TIS02, photographers Carl Wooley, Nelson Chan, J Carrier, and Tim Carpenter again join together to create a multifaceted work that is both a set of four unique books and a unified cohesive statement. TIS02 reflects a collaborative concern to bring the camera and the world together in a way that honors both the thusness of the object and the interiority of the subject.


Tim Carpenter: The king of the birds

Size 20cm x 24cm
32 pages
16 black and white plates

J Carrier: (untitled)

Size 20cm x 24cm
44 pages
24 color plates

Nelson Chan: Love on the 81c

Size 20cm x 24cm
48 pages
27 color plates

Carl Wooley: Dry landscape

Size 20cm x 24cm
48 pages
25 color plates