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J Carrier
Nelson Chan
Tim Carpenter
Carl Wooley
TIS01 is a set of four unique books of photography by Tim Carpenter, J Carrier, Nelson Chan, and Carl Wooley.

Standard Edition - Set of 4
  • 6.5 inches x 7 inches
  • 300
  • ISBN 9781943146055

The inaugural TIS offering comes from four photographers who have worked collaboratively and apart since 2010. Although each book stands as its own idiosyncratic statement, taken together they propose a way of looking at the real world with clarity and precision.

ISBN 9781943146055 (for all 4 books)

Tim Carpenter: A house and a tree

It is like the feeling of a man
Come back to see a certain house.Wallace Stevens, "Vacancy in the Park"

Size 6.5 in x 7 in
48 pages
23 black and white plates

J Carrier: (untitled)

The woods of Vermont inspired J Carrier’s clear-eyed interpretation of the idyll. 

Size 6.5 in x 7 in
56 pages
26 color plates

Nelson Chan: Welcome Home

Looking both back and ahead, Nelson Chan revisited Providence, RI seven years after leaving the town as a RISD graduate to see how his memories of this specific location collided with his continually evolving photographic practice.

Size 6.5 in x 7 in
60 pages
36 black and white plates

Carl Wooley: Mile

The fine, hard light of Denver that bathes Carl Wooley’s color photographs is as uncompromising as the images that hurtle the viewer through the town and its environs while demanding close attention to detail along the way.

Size 6.5 in x 7 in
54 pages
27 color plates