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Special Edition

You've loved me before

Shane Halllinan
“You’ve loved me before” bears witness to the day to day memories that create a friendship, a family - the boring and mundane moments, but also the beautiful and transformative.
Preorder - ships June 2024

Special Edition - Preorder - Ships June
  • 24cm x 21.5cm
  • 140 pages, 88 color images
  • foil stamped hardcover with color tip-on image
  • signed copy housed in a slip case with color tip-on image and a 6 x 9 archival inkjet print
  • Edition of 20 + 5 APs
  • ISBN 9781943146376
Standard Edition available here.

Pre-orders come signed

It was very easy before cell phones, the internet and social media to lose track of people, to not know how to reach them, to forget their names, their faces. People could be really important to you but if you lost touch with them they became a footnote, a "whatever happened to?" question for someone you ran into. What Shane was doing with her images, then and forever after, was marshaling against forgetting.

By photographing the experience of simply being in someone's life, she bore witness to the day to day memories that create a friendship, a family. The little moments, the big moments, the in-between. And there was so much in between. Hours on the phone, aimless driving to nowhere, endless hanging out in diners, bedrooms, kitchens, anywhere really. Boring and mundane but also beautiful and transformative.

To be seen by her was a gift. Is a gift.

- Ayanna Quint