Waiting out the Latter Days

Steven B. Smith

The Cold War was escalating, the Russians were going to attack soon, and we had better stop touching ourselves. I didn’t really have any hopes or dreams then. I just wanted to live long enough to get married and have sex before God called us Home.

Such is the backdrop for Steven B. Smith’s new monograph, Waiting out the Latter Days, in which time does seem suspended. Where everyone is in a perpetual state of waiting. Whether the next thing will be better or worse . . . well, it’s hard to say.

But until then, we can take solace in Smith’s unvarnished assessment of his past and present, rendered in photographs that are simultaneously as precise and as enigmatic as the light in Utah.



The Great Leap Sideways

Notable Photo Books of 2015


Size 8 in x 10 in
116 pages
59 quadtone plates

Special Edition - Hand numbered, signed, and includes one 8 x 10 silver gelatin print printed by the artist.